The Wine Group’s strength continues to be its people. TWG employees are fortunate to work in an environment that values the team’s accomplishments over individual accolades. The commitment of the organization to its cultural values has been the key to our success over the years.

matt“My advice, if you choose to jump on the TWG train, is to be ready for a culture of integrity, empowered people and entrepreneurial spirit. And if you want to work for one organization that will allow you to grow to whatever position you work hard for, then this is your home.” – Matt Henderson, Sales

peter“Working for the world’s third largest wine producer, many people might feel like a small fish in a large pond. However with The Wine Group, the opposite is true. I have found that we have a very close knit sales team. You are not viewed as a number, but rather as a unique individual who will be valued for your current skillset, as well as for your future potential. You have the privilege of working for a company that rewards performance and substance over form. At TWG, we truly have a passion for the products that we create, market and sell. It’s a passion that extends beyond normal working hours, in an industry that is both entertaining and constantly changing.” – Peter Quinn, Sales

baron_kim_navy-pier“I’ve had the privilege of launching some cool, authentic wine brands that do tremendous good, such as flipflop wine, honored as the #1 new wine brand in 2011 by Impact [a leading industry publication], and Save Me, San Francisco Wine Co. – a collaboration with the band Train that benefits the charity Family House. Through all of my assignments, I am continuously impressed by TWG’s commitment to deliver value to its consumers and relentless refusal to compromise its long-term vision for short-term corporate gains. TWG is at the forefront of the wine industry, listening to the next generation of wine consumers and launching exciting brands that will enhance their generations’ experiences.” – Kimberly Geluz, Marketing

Brott“TWG has a unique culture that rewards those who are collaborative, pioneering and have no personal agendas. TWG is committed to maintaining the speed, agility and entrepreneurial culture that has routinely allowed us to deliver unbeatable brand value to our consumers,” says Brott. Brott enjoys working with sales, marketing and operations teams who are equally dedicated to a relentless pursuit of improvement in every corner of the company. “We succeed when we are having fun, listening to others’ ideas and embracing ideas that deliver brand value to our consumers. At TWG, we don’t create jobs to manage redundant tasks, but rather we create jobs that open doors for successful entrepreneurs to contribute to our success and build their own career.” – Brott Ritzel, Operations

“There is no real ‘daily routine’ for a winemaker, which is one of the reasons I love what I do. Every day is different. The people are the best thing about this company. Definitely the people that I work with, as they are responsible, trustworthy, enterprising, innovative, humble, ethical…I can’t say enough good things about them. The Wine Group lets me stay true to who I am and encourages me to grow in my career.” – Georgetta Dane, Winemaking

DeoSingh“My zeal for accurate, consistent quality control analyses of our products helps ensure my continued service and support of our Winemaking, Cellar and Bottling Production operations. TWG provides me opportunities to build superior analytical methods to evaluate our products’ chemistry and its interactions with different packaging options. Quality assurance is definitely a team effort and we do our best to give our consumers the satisfaction of knowing that there is a dedicated team working to keep the products we provide safe and delicious. The Wine Group takes pride in empowering its employees and I appreciate the trainings they provide across all of my areas of responsibilities. Overall, TWG is a great place to work with competitive benefits.”
– Deo Singh, Quality Control

ArmandoBautista“If you’re looking for a career at TWG, you have got to have the intangibles – motivation, a sense of urgency and a great work ethic. And you must BE A TEAM PLAYER—we are lean and you must enjoy working with many people cross-functionally and be flexible. At the end of the day, this company isn’t for everybody. TWG employees are able to do things well and prove that they are adding value – and when this happens it will absolutely be recognized. An invitation to join TWG is an opportunity to help build something special… an opportunity to build your career….not just a job.” – Armando Bautista, Sales